You may not need more focus

In co-working spaces and office buildings, men and women reaching for a cup of coffee is a frequent occurrence regardless of their profession. This may be doing more harm than good. Caffeine stimulates our central nervous system’s “fight or flight” response. A few thousand years ago this response might have been activated when you bumped into a tiger and needed to run quickly to get away. This is why it’s such a great tool when you haven’t gotten enough sleep.

But how much creativity and learning was our brain experiencing when running away from a tiger? None.

When we use stimulants to tackle every work project we are doing ourselves a disservice. We know high doses of caffeine hurt performance rather than help it. Most people experience some increased anxiety as a result of caffeine even in lower doses.

It’s worth considering alternatives to caffeine (or ingredients that pair well with it) to allow our mind to engage with our projects differently.

Numerous eastern traditions recognized this. Traditional Chinese medicine used herbs to provide mental clarity, medicinal mushrooms to amplify creativity, and adaptogens to increase physical capabilities. These are all potential alternatives (or pairings) with caffeine that do more than boost focus. This is why we have included them in our Purpose formula. They allow us to achieve our purpose, not simply focus better. The CBG combined with ingredients like bacopa monnieri (and other adaptogens) have helped us create the best CBG supplement on the market called Purpose.

The focus we get with caffeine is great for getting small tasks crossed off the to-do list. When I need to be a machine and get stuff done, focus works wonders.

But when it comes to creative work, putting things into perspective, and thinking through complex problems, focus is not the mental space where we always need to be.