Adderall Alternatives: Unleashing Cannabinoids and Adaptogens for Long-Lasting Energy

Do Adderall alternatives exist for people who want to know how to get off Adderall for good? Indeed, there are Adderall replacements with fewer side effects for people who have developed a tolerance to the stimulant.

Numerous studies have already pointed to the use of cannabinoids for extended focus, along with adaptogens for higher energy[1].

Ever the optimists, we’ve got the personal experience and science to back up this argument.

Adderall alternatives can help students, athletes, and people with eating disorders[2] wean off this dangerous medication.

Although doctors prescribe Adderall for narcolepsy and ADHD, it’s classified as a schedule II controlled substance and as a stimulant on par with meth, according to the Addiction Center.

The “clock shock” effect of Adderall makes users feel motivated to complete tasks (including boring ones) in a single sitting until they lose track of time.[3] For those of us wondering what the big deal is—since we could all use a motivation boost—take a look at this list of drawbacks from Adderall abuse:

  • Dry mouth, nausea, vomiting
  • Anxiety and sleep difficulties
  • Weight loss and constipation
  • Rapid heart rate and chest pain[4]

This non-exhaustive list, by the way, merely skims over the unfortunate side effects of this prescribed amphetamine.

In this article, we delve into the reasons why people take Adderall and explain the unintended repercussions that come from its misuse. We’ll shift focus to cover a whole other class of drugs called nootropics to suggest Adderall alternatives that are better for your health. Stay with us until the end to hear about the most reasonable plant-based solution to long-lasting motivation and energy.

What happens when you start taking Adderall?

First, a distinction: although doctors usually prescribe Adderall for ADHD symptoms, people use unprescribed Adderall to take on tasks that require extended focus, such as studying. That’s why college students often bear the brunt of criticism about Adderall abuse.

It’s important to make this distinction because doctors do prescribe Adderall ethically in low doses to young children, teens, and adults. We also won’t call all Adderall users addicts, because when the drug is taken correctly, it can have the desired effect as a solution to ADHD.

However, there's something amiss with the misuse of unprescribed Adderall that warrants our attention—an increased likelihood of addiction.

People can become insanely addicted to Adderall’s effect on the central nervous system. With more dopamine surging through your brain, using Adderall can make you feel superhuman[5] alongside the euphoric sense of accomplishing more.

The Adderall “high” lasts seven to twelve hours[6], depending on the person. The medication eventually leads to a drop-off effect, leaving people completely wiped out from being on overdrive. For children, this translates to changes in vision, slowed speech, and headaches.[7]

Adults can experience changes in their sexual performance with Adderall misuse. Finally, when mixed with alcohol and marijuana, Adderall is even more dangerous.

Let’s switch gears and shift to a more positive angle because there are safer Adderall alternatives to take instead.

What is the best compound for energy?

Nootropics are a class of synthetic and herbal drugs designed to stimulate dopamine production.[8] They’re nicknamed smart drugs since they induce higher cognitive functioning and oxygen flow, plus the growth of nerve cells in the brain.

The most popular types are listed below[9]:

Adderall regulates dopamine signaling for sustained focus, but medical experts argue that Adderall isn’t a nootropic because it has a high side effect profile.[10]

Plant-based nootropics may offer comparable treatment without as many side effects.

Cannabinoids and adaptogenic herbs may then be preferable alternatives to Adderall.

...wait a second, are cannabinoids even legal? They are! Cannabinoids are unique compounds in cannabis that offer distinct effects. The popular ones are THC and CBD, while CBN, CBG, and CBGa are quickly following behind.

Most states have legalized CBD for medical and recreational use.

Even though regular doctors don’t prescribe or promote the use of non-psychoactive cannabinoids for ADHD, other experts recognize their potential as a nootropic.

CBD is believed to promote neurogenesis, otherwise known as the growth of new brain cells.[11] The cannabinoid can also help people focus on tasks due to its anxiolytic effect.

While we wait on human-based clinical trials to explain exactly how cannabinoids enhance “feel” good hormones like dopamine and serotonin, it’s worth giving the cannabis plant a chance over Adderall.

Some of the herbs we listed above also fall into another class of supplements called adaptogens, like Panax ginseng and Bacopa monnieri. In Ayurvedic philosophy[12], a diet featuring these herbs can protect the body from stressors.

As we know, more stress leads to less focus and concentration on what matters most to you.

Turning to plant medicine

So, what is the best drug for energy? To answer the question we raised earlier, we suggested Adderall alternatives like nootropics, cannabinoids, and adaptogenic herbs.

The truth is, however, that no single supplement will work for everyone. Claiming that one solution is “the best” won’t get us anywhere simply because everyone comes to the table with their own set of variables.

Genetics, lifestyle, and mental health all contribute to an individual’s level of energy. Plus, we’re not into presenting misleading information at Sovereignty.

We’re into inspiring people to make purposeful choices about their health.

With this in mind, Purpose is an energy formula that does just that.

It’s a powdered supplement with CBN, CBD, and adaptogenic herbs that work synergistically to gradually boost energy.

At the risk of making an overstatement, Purpose is everything that Adderall isn’t. We formulated the supplement so you can finish tasks easier (even the difficult ones that require superhuman focus).

Energy drink

If you deal with ADHD, you’re probably familiar with Adderall and already know how it affects your body. You know your body best, so it’s up to you to decide what to take when you’re unfocused.

And while you’re deciding, we’ll be here to give you a new Purpose when you need it.